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Taylor Dunn TAT Trailer

Midwest Sweepers & Scrubbers brings you the Taylor Dunn TAT, a true tracking trailer with a payload capacity of up to 750 lbs. Constructed of welded heavy-duty angular steel, the TAT comes standard with a rear hitch plate, plus a pin and clevis hitch on the rear of the vehicle for multiple trailer towing purposes. Also, standard are semi-pneumatic tires (for smooth surfaces), and a wood deck board. Optional features include solid steel sides and stake sides for containing large loads.


Key Features & Specs

Load capacity up to 750 poundsWeight 165 lbs. (74.85 kg)Length 54" (137 cm)Width 31.5" (80 cm)Height Less Cab: 16" (40 cm) With Cab: N/AHitch Height 12" (30.5cm)Wheel Base 36" (91.4cm)Deck Width: 31.5" (80.0cm) Length: 54" (137.2cm) Height: 16" (40.6cm)Tires Rear: 10 x 2.75 pneumatic Front: 10 x 2.75 Heavy Service Semi-PneumaticTrailer length up to 4 trailersPopular additional accessories: 14 inch tall stake sides and pintle hitch


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