Lease Program

Lease a sweeper or a scrubber

When purchasing industrial floor cleaning equipment is not quite possible – or desired – the option for many individuals and companies comes down to leasing or renting. While both have similarities, such getting access to high quality floor sweepers or floor scrubbers for a limited period, there are significant differences as well.

Lease vs. Buy

If you want to purchase a floor cleaning machine but would prefer to pay monthly payments, you may want to look at leasing the machine and purchasing it for $1 at the end of the terms agreed upon. You can also look into a Fair Market Value Lease.

Lease vs.  Rent

If you are looking for a machine to have in your facility long term but would prefer to pay monthly, you may want to consider a floor cleaner rental option. If you want to use a machine from our rental fleet for an allotted amount of time, you would simply pay our standard rental rate.

Why Lease a Sweeper or a Scrubber?

Reduce Your Cost

Choosing the right floor cleaning equipment can save you money on labor, repairs and lost productivity.

Maintain Facility Image

First impressions matter. A commercial or industrial sweeper and/or scrubber can improve the image and cleanliness of your facility.

Health & Safety

Improve floor traction, keep floors dry and ready for foot traffic in high-use buildings for customers and employees. In addition, minimize chemical use and eliminate solution mixing.

Easy to Operate

We can help you choose an easy-to-use machine for your facility to improve productivity and workloading. When machines are easy to maneuver you will experience optimal cleaning performance.

Don’t see an option you like?

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Is a leasing option for you?

We love Kansas City and try to buy local when we can, that is why we use Commercial Capital Company, LLC for all our leases. We offer a large range of lease options to fit any company’s budget.

Not sure what type of machine you want or need? Use our machine identifier tool and we’ll email you recommended products based on your facility.

90 Days Same as cash
12 Month $1 buyout and Fair Market Value, FMV
24 Month $1 buyout and Fair Market Value, FMV
36 Month $1 buyout and Fair Market Value, FMV
48 Month $1 buyout and Fair Market Value, FMV
60 Month $1 buyout and Fair Market Value, FMV

Credit Application

Fill out a “Credit Application” today and start cleaning tomorrow. You can also calculate and find out how much “Section 179 Deduction” can save you and your business.