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Floor cleaning machines for sale, rent, and lease

Midwest Sweepers and Scrubbers provide industrial & commercial businesses with the right floor cleaning machines to improve quality and reduce costs.

We’re experts in floor cleaning machines for a variety of industries & business across the country.

Our experience in the floor cleaning machine and factory cleaning equipment industry provides our customers with a level of confidence and trust that they will have the right scrubber or sweeper to meet their floor cleaning requirements.

Our customers experience the security of working with a single source for solutions to all their floor cleaning needs, from new equipment, machine rentals, on-going service, and lifetime training.

Whether you’re looking for a floor cleaning machine, floor cleaning products & equipment, or just have a question about our products, we can help. Feel free to contact Midwest Sweepers & Scrubbers anytime for more information or for assistance with selecting or maintaining a product. We can also provide servicing and parts for your floor cleaning machines!

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We will do what we say we will do. Our words and actions will be honest & ethical.


We believe in our future and will continuously invest in our company.


We work passionately, play hard, enjoy life and appreciate our family & friends.

Find the machine you need to get the job done.

Nothing more, nothing less. Midwest Scrubbers & Sweepers offers floor cleaning machines for sale, rent, or lease. We are conveniently located to deliver the high-quality, durable products you need in the timeframe you need them.