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Factory Cat Pilot Rider Floor Scrubber

Factory Cat Pilot Rider Floor Scrubber

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The Factory Cat Pilot Rider Floor Scrubber is built in the “USA” to handle the toughest floor cleaning jobs with either a disk, orbitz (chemical free stripping) or cylindrical brush system.  We recommend the Factory Cat Pilot auto scrubber to car dealerships, aviation, food and beverage, manufacturing and warehouse and logistic facilities. This very compact rider auto scrubber is a true leader in the industry with it’s durability and ability to clean the harshest environments your facility can throw at it.

Call us for your “Free Demo” at (913) 671-7224.  Need a “Rental”?  We can handle that too. 

Key Features and Specs: 

  • Scrubbing System Disk: 20″, 26″ or 28″ brush deck width
  • Scrubbing System Cylindrical: 24″ brush deck width (Sweeps & Scrubs)
  • Scrubbing System ORBITZ: 28″ or 32″ brush deck width (Chemical FREE Stripping)
  • 0-150 pounds of brush pressure
  • 36 volt 36 amp, 175 AH Battery Pack (Standard) 225 AH (Optional)
  • Productivity per hour: 23,034 ft2
  • 22 Gallon Solution Tank
  • 23 Gallon Recovery Tank
  • Operates at 68 dba
  • Dimensions: 48″ L x 24″ W x 55″ H (weight w/ batteries 850 lbs.)
  • Factory Cat Warranty: 3 years parts, 1 year labor, 3 months travel, 7 years tanks, and batteries pro-rated over 1 year.

Download Equipment Brochures, Operation, Parts, and Spec Manuals:

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