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Tomcat Rider Burnishers

Tomcat Rider Burnishers

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The Tomcat Walk Behind and Rider Burnishers are proudly built in the USA and are a leader in the industry.  Tomcat offers both brush assist and traction drive, walk behind and rider battery powered burnishers.  We place Tomcat burnishers in schools, hospitals, retail, car dealers and anywhere in between.

Call us for your “Free Demo” at (913) 671-7224.  Need a “Rental”?  We can handle that too. 

  • Tomcat 200: 20″ “Pad Assist” Walk Behind Burnisher
  • Tomcat 200: 20″ “Traction Drive” Walk Behind Burnisher
  •  Tomcat 270: 27″ “Pad Assist” Walk Behind Burnisher
  • Tomcat 270: 27″ “Traction Drive” Walk Behind Burnisher
  • Tomcat 255: 20″ Rider Burnisher
  • Tomcat 255: 27″ Rider Burnisher
  • Factory Cat Warranty: 3 years parts, 1 year labor, 3 months travel, 7 years tanks, and batteries pro-rated over 1 year.

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