The Tennant T1 Walk Behind Floor Scrubberis made to handle the smallest of jobs when cleanliness and efficiency is important to you and your customers. We recommend the Tennant T1 walk-behind auto scrubber to schools, hospitals, retail spaces, car dealerships, truck stops, gas stations and everyone between.

- Replace your mop and bucketwith this convenient battery scrubber to keep floors dry and safe.

- Ensure clean, streak-free floors— even in confined spaces — with the cordless T1B Walk-Behind Micro Scrubber.

- Clean small, congested areas
in forward and reverse with this highly maneuverable battery-operated scrubber.

- Eliminate the hazards of cords with the Tennant T1 Battery Walk-Behind Micro Scrubber.

- Change the squeegee and brush in seconds — no tools required.

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